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Amazon Interview Experience | SDET (Off-Campus 2020)

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I got to know about the open role through my college placement team. I later contacted the Amazon APAC recruiter on LinkedIn and forwarded my resume stating my interest in the role. the role for which hiring was begin done was Software Development Engineer in Test

I along with 5 students in my department heard back from the recruiter and we were provided with an online test link. 

The online test was begin held on mettle platform and had 2 coding questions and 20 MCQ’s. the coding questions we easy-medium level and MCQ’s covered ds/algorithm, c language, and OS concepts. 

for clearing the online test I would recommend to regularly practice competitive programming and participate in ongoing contests 

I cleared the online test and was further instructed that I will be having my first round in next 2 days. 

Round 1: 

The interview was being conducted online on the amazon chime platform. I was asked to introduce my self by the interviewer and then I was asked two coding questions 

problem 1 – 

I was supposed to clearly explain all the approaches that I was thinking about and also time and space complexity were asked. 

the interviewer was from java background and I coded in CPP so explaining syntaxes was also important. 

Round 2: 

This was design round and a design problem followed by a graph problem was asked 

design problem asked to me – 

then I was asked – Number of connected components in an undirected graph 

design problem asked that was asked to my friend – further asked to modify the code to also support 

Round 3: 

This round was project discussion round and then question-related to core CS concepts were asked.  

The interviewer asked why did I choose to build the project and the difficulties that arose while building the project and how I overcame that. also, questions like why did I choose a certain language or framework was asked. 

Then question on OS – deadlock conditions and avoidance and some questions on DBMS were asked. 

Round 4 : 

This was bar raiser round and the interview was being conducted by an engineering manager or someone at a higher position. 

question asked – 

question asked that was asked to my friend – Also, the whole approach was also asked and was asked to explain why does the algorithm work. 

The overall interview process was very smooth but giving an interview online requires some preparation. The questions asked in Amazon interview are standard classical problems so make sure to practise enough problems. I would recommend first solving around 150 problems on LeetCode and then depending upon the company you are interviewing for practising problems focused on those companies 

All the best.

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Last Updated : 29 Jun, 2020
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