Amazon Interview Experience | SDE (On Campus)

Amazon came to our campus (BIT Mesra ) to hire FTE and 6 months interns .

Online Round : First round was online round consisting of 30 questions –2 coding questions and 28 mcq questions based on C, C++, Basic Networking. The test was conducted on mettl platform. Everyone had different set of questions . Some of the questions were :

  1. LCS
  2. Some String implementation question
  3. Dice Throw Problem
  4. Roots of quadratic equation.

After this round, 30 were shortlisted for  further rounds.

Round 1 (Technical Round) : The first 15-20 minutes were spent on project discussion, some cases to solve  and use of process synchronization. Then the interviewer asked 2 coding questions :


Initially, they want to know about the approach, if satisfied, they ask to write full functional code on paper . In between, they asked about the complexity of algorithm and more optimization that could be done on it.

Round 2 (Technical Round): The interviewer gave 2 coding questions :

  1. Find the LCA (Least Common ancestor) of nodes having maximum depth in a given rooted tree . He asked about the approach, complexity and data structure to use . In between, he asked some common questions like time and space complexity of dfs, bfs, dijkstra (in terms of E and V ) .
  2.  In the last 15 min, he asked me to implement queue using two stacks.

He asked me to code both questions on paper . Take care of corner cases like skew tree, empty stack, etc .

After this round, 12 of us were given 6 month internships . 3 of us were shortlisted for further rounds .

Round 3 (Technical Round) : The interviewer asked me 3 coding questions :

  2. Given a list of string  and a prefix . He asked to print all the strings in the list  having that prefix . He asked what data structure to use, time and space complexity of it . He basically wanted to see  implementation of operations on trie  .

Round 4 (Behavioral + Technical ) :  This round was taken on amazon chime . This round was of 1 hour .

Behavioral (30 min):

  •   Give an example of an occasion where you’ve done a thing that was very hard for you .
  •   How did you handle shortcomings in your project .
  •   Compare your project with the current existing technology or project in real world scenario .
  •   He asked questions related to my project like why did you chose this technology, alternatives of the technology, difference between vertical and horizontal scaling, etc .

Technical ( 30 min ) :

  • Given a package and a list of packages associated with it (Means the package is dependent on those list of packages ) . Now, you’re given a package name, let’s say A, print all the packages in sequence that you need to install in order to install package A .  This was basically an implementation of Topological Sort . He was more interested in the approach and then asked me to code it up on editor .

Result : Selected for FTE 🙂

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