Amazon Interview Experience | SDE-2

I interviewed for Amazon SDE2 position in Bangalore, India on March 2020. I had 3 years of Experience at the time of Interview

Round 1: Online Coding

  1. A variation of  Minimum time to rot all oranges.
  2. Evaluating top N Competitors of Amazon echo from reviews received by Crawling websites.

Round 2: DS & Algo

  1. The square root of a number 
  2. Bottom view of a BT
  3. Some situational questions like a situation where you came up with a quick solution to save time.

Round 3: DS & Algo

  1. Design a Data Structure that supports Insertion, Deletion, search and getRandom in constant time.
  2. Print nodes at k distance from root
  3. Some situational questions like a situation where you were helped out a colleague, etc

Round 4: Design Round (SDE 2)

  1. Design an IP Blocking system. Asked for multiple approaches along with their pros and cons
  2. Design a Logger.
  3. Why Amazon?

Round 5: Hiring Manager Round (SDM)

This round mainly focuses on presenting situations that test the candidate’s compatibility with Amazon. Strong Leadership and Ownership principles are the focus. You will be asked a lot of situational questions like

  1. Brief Introduction
  2. Innovative solutions you came up with in your previous company.
  3. Conflict with manager
  4. A situation where a colleague helped you out.
  5. How did you handle tasks with a strict deadline?
  6. How do you go about approaching a new task at hand?

Round 5: Bar Raiser

  1. Brief Introduction
  2. Design a Job Scheduler. Drawbacks of the system I designed. How to implement a recurring job? Further optimizations.
  3. Situational questions like the biggest technical challenge I faced, A situation where I had to fix someone else’s bug, etc.

The process was very smooth.  My HR was very supportive. The Amazon interviewers are very friendly and give you hints if you get stuck. Be sure to handle every edge case and come up with multiple approaches wherever feasible.

I got a call 2 days after the Bar Raiser Round confirming my selection. 

GeeksForGeeks has been a great resource in preparing DS and Algorithms and getting an overall idea of the interview process.


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