Amazon Interview Experience | SDE-2

Amazon Interview Experience

Spiral tree traversal
Design card for shuffling
Find max diff between two array element a[j]-a[i]; j>i
Round 1(PS)
Given an array of integers(pos/neg) in sorted order, return an array of elements square in sorted order.
Given an array of wine prices, any given year you can sell a bottle of wine only from either of the ends. Bottle of wine increases every year. Find max profit after selling all.
Round 2(PS)
Given a uni-directed graph with numbers find maximum root to leaf sum with using only internal data structure.
Given a dictionary of words and a string, state if the string if broken into multiple words consists of dictionary words.
Other project and work related questions?

Round 3(Design)
Question related to design of projects I have worked on.
Design HLD and LLD for salon booking app.

Round 4(HM)
Behavioural questions
Leadership questions
Question related to conflict handling issues faced and solution
How do you approach a design architecture?
Design payment page
Design and question on currently working projects.
Why Amazon
Any offer, etc
Code review related questions

Round 5(BR)
Design of project
How do you approach a problem
Management skills related questions
Code reviews related questions
Why Amazon
Do you lead people, how many?
Some more team/tech/design related questions

Result: Got rejected after debrief

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