Amazon Interview Experience SDE 1

Amazon conducted interviews for SDE-1 for its Chennai Location. The interviews were conducted at their Bangalore Office. Around 50-60 peoples participated in this drive.

Round 1:

This is a written round on paper for everyone. 2 out of  3 must be correct covering every single edge cases to qualify for next round and only most optimal solution will be considered.

  1.  Largest Contiguous Sum of an Array.
  2. Connect n ropes with minimum cost
  3. Print left view of a Binary Tree

Round 2:   This is a f2f round with Amazon Pay Team.
1. Print all three nodes in a binary tree such that sum of all these three nodes is greater than given x and these three nodes must hold the relationship of grandparent-parent-child. Expected Complexity – O(n)

2. Maximum sum  in an array such that no elements are adjacent with a constraint that there is a loop in array.

I did very well in first two rounds. So there was no third round for me but other candidates had their third round as well.

Round 3: Hiring Manager Round

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. Why are looking for a change, you recently joined a company and now again you are giving interviews.
  3. Explain your last company product line.
  4. Mutex vs Semaphores with an real life example.
  5. Normalization.
  7. Rabbit MQ and Kafka.
  8. Write a shell script to parse a log file.

    I didn’t mention anything like Rabbit MQ, Kafka, Database in my resume but still he was keep asking me  these questions. I mentioned that I am familiar with the shell scripting in my resume but could not able to write the script as I don’t remember the syntax and that’s a learning for me that don’t mention anything about anything if you are not very good about it.

    Verdict : Rejected

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