Amazon Interview Experience | SDE-1 | WOW 2020

Online exam:

The online test consisted of 28 MCQs and 2 coding questions, which were of medium level difficulty.

It was followed by 4 technical face-to-face interviews.

Round 1:

Discussed about my projects.

1.Find the node violating binary search tree properties

similar to above post.

2. Print leaf nodes of n-ary tree from left to right

Round 2:

Discussed about challenges faced while doing projects. He asked about achievements I was proud of and a technology or a subject that I have learnt on my own.


Round 3:

Asked to explain any one of the projects mentioned in my resume in detail.


2. A person participates in a race, where he has to step on rocks having numbers on them. If he steps on a rock, the number on rock will be added to his score. If he is level L and on ‘n’th rock then he can jump only to ‘n+L’th rock. Given that he can choose his start and end points, find the maximum score he can make for a given level ‘L’.

This is similar to finding maximum sub-array sum.

Round 4:

Discussed about all the projects in breif.



3. LRU cache

4. ACID properties in DBMS

5. OSI model vs TCP/IP model

6. Discussed about deadlocks

Different approaches were asked for every problem and optimized solution is expected. We were asked to write the code in our preferred language. Interviewers were helpful, we need to think out loud and clarify any doubts about the questions.

Verdict: Selected!

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