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Amazon Interview Experience (SDE 1 – 2 yr exp)

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  • Last Updated : 29 Aug, 2019

Round 1: Pen and paper-based 2 questions

  1. Given a linked list reverse every node at even places. Eg
    Given list - 1-2-3-4-5
    Output list - 1-4-3-2-5
  2. Don’t remember, but somewhat based a tree. It was an easy question.

Round 2: Face to face (1 hour) 2 interviewers

  1. Given a tree find a way to serialize and deserialize it back.
  2. Another tree-based question
  3. What is Cache? Difference b/w cache and hashmap.

Round 3: Face to face (1 hour) 2 interviewers

  1. Zig zag level order traversal of a tree.
  2. BST question. convert given array to BST.
  3. Project discussion and questions around it like why MongoDB and not Elasticsearch or DynamoDB.

Round 4:

  1. Why do you want to join Amazon?
  2. The most challenging project you did until now?
  3. What would you do in case of conflict on your recommended design with someone else?
  4. DS question based on the tree.

Round 5:

  1. Explain the previous project.
  2. difference b/w Mongo vs Mysql. – In this, he kept going on deep, one after another. So, better you are prepared at your best.
  3. Multithreading. Concept of mutex, semaphore.
  4. Write a program to add 2 large numbers. Handle negative also.

Finally got an offer after a week.

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