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Amazon Interview Experience (Pool campus-2019)

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 15 Jul, 2019
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This year Amazon has visited Chandigarh University for pool campus drive. Since there is no restriction on colleges, Nearly 2500-3000 students appeared for the test.

Package Offered: CTC: 28.75 Lakhs (Base: 13 LPA  + 1st Year Sign On Bonus: 3, 50, 000 + 2nd Year Sign On Bonus: 2, 25, 000 + Restricted Stock Units vested over 4 years: 10 Lakhs (5%+5%+40%+40%) )

Job Profile: Software Development Engineer

Courses Eligible: B.Tech/M.Tech (CSE/IT/ECE/EEE/EE)

Round 1: Online Test on Hackerrank

The test consisted of 20 MCQ’s and 2 coding questions. MCQ’s were from various concepts related to Operating Systems, DBMS, DS & ALGO, Aptitude, Coding Output Questions.

Coding Questions:

  1. Longest Increasing Subsequence
  2. Maximum sum such that no two elements are adjacent

Nearly 150 candidates are shortlisted for the interview round. Nearly all the students who solved both the coding questions were shortlisted for the further round.

Round 2: Technical Interview(Total:4)

Since I don’t remember questions asked round wise, I am sharing all the questions that I remember. These questions were asked in the interview with various students.

  1. Print Left View of a Binary Tree

  2. Print Right View of a Binary Tree

  3. How to check if the given tree is a BST or not?

  4. Snake and Ladder Problem

  5. Check whether the given tree is a perfect binary tree or not? 

  6. Bridge Building (DP)

  7. Median of Stream of Running Integers

  8. Kadane Algorithm (Also with slight modifications in it Like count number of elements which form maximum sum in the array. You can delete one number in the array, find maximum sum of contiguous array elements)

  9. Clone a Linked List

  10. Stack from Queue

  11. LRU Cache Implementation

  12. Check if a tree is a mirror of itself

  13. Given a Binary Tree, Count how many subtrees are possible which are BSTs

  14. Detect loop in linked list

  15. Find Closest Palindrome Number

  16. Find smallest Palindrome nearby given number

  17. Given a string, Is it possible to shuffle characters to make it  palindrome

  18. Given a string, Is it possible to arrange characters such that no same chars are adjacent

  19. Given a BST, Find out the no. of pairs of nodes whose absolute difference is less than k without using extra space (I guess only the interviewer know the answer for this problem :-P) If someone found a solution for it please share it.

In total, you have to go through 4 technical interviews in order to get selected and the major skills that you must possess are Excellent Problem Solving and Coding skills. Some of the interviewers also asked questions from operating systems and SQL queries. In total 15 candidates were selected.



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