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Amazon Interview Experience | On-Campus for SDE-I

  • Last Updated : 09 Dec, 2019

Experience from IIT Delhi On-Campus, Dec. 2019

Placement Test:

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Two questions from a pool of 15 questions (easy and medium) and 28 MCQ’s based C/C++ skills and pointer arithmetic.

Some of them which I remember are:

  1. Mean, Mode & Median of an array.
  2. Find the number of inversions in an array.
  3. Min. Dice throw DP etc.

Round 1:

The interviewer asked 3 questions:

Q1. Write code to find the path from one node to another in a binary search tree. Did it well.

To proceed to round 2, do one of these:

Q2. Write code to heapify an array. OR Find the minimum number of modifications to sort an array where one modification means to increment or decrement an element by one.

Round 2:

First, the interviewer took a quickfire round from CV.

Then, he asked this question:

Round 3:

I got asked this problem:

But I couldn’t go beyond brute force solution this time and he wasn’t very happy with my efforts.

He saw I was very exhausted and frustrated (it was day 2 slot 2, and I was being interviewed simultaneously by two companies at that time). So, he told me, it was the same story with him and he got rejected by Amazon on-campus but got in 6 months later.

Round 4:

I didn’t get to round 4.


Hope this helps!

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