Amazon Interview Experience | On-Campus 2k19 MANIT

Online Round:

This round consist of 28 MCQs and 2 coding questions. MCQs are mostly based on data structure and algorithm. Time is limited to 90 minutes.

Following 2 coding questions:

  1. Inversion Count Problem.
  2. Permute the given array such that sum of absolute difference between adjacent element is minimised.          Hint: just Sort the array

I solved both problems in around 10 minutes and all mcq as well. From around 300+ student 25 is selected for next round.

Round 1 (Technical):

This round goes around 40-50 minutes. Initially i was bit nervous as this was my first interview of my life but the interviewer was very cool and supportive. He asked me for water and make me feel comfortable by asking the formal questions like Tell me about yourself and so on then we came to the coding problem as i said my interest is highly towards data structure and algorithm.


Initially i shared my approach for each question then he asked me to code for each, finally i code them. He seems to be satisfied and at last i asked him some questions.

Around 10-12 students were able to move to the next round .

Round 2 (Technical):

The same resume was passed here so he had some knowledge about me so he directly jumped to the coding problems.

  1. He asked me some blood relation problem which is similar to LCA(Lowest Common Ancestor) Problem but with some slight modification.
  2. Kth maximum occurring number in a stream of numbers. Ex. For Input: 1 2 1 3 2 1 4 4 and k=3 Output:-1 -1 -1 (2 or 3) 3 3 (3 or 4) 4

He asked me to code for the 1st problem and asked the logic for 2nd problem. This round also goes well as i was able to explain both problems logic and coded for first one and at last asked him some questions.

Round 3(Technical):

In this round the interviewer was very cool and smart. He started interview with a formal discussions and jumped to coding part.

  1. Given the set of ip’s and a ip, you have to make suggestion of ip’s from a given ip. ex: ip’s {,,} and  ip= then output: {}. I gave  him a TRIE based approach for which he asked me to code and i code it.
  2.  Asked some concepts from OOPS (inheritance, polymorphism, overriding and overloading), DBMS(Normalization), OS(mutex and semaphore).
  3. Rotten Fruit problem.  asked the code for it which i coded and at last asked him some questions.

Round 4(Bar Raiser):

As the last round round goes till late night so this round was conducted next day. We were invited on amazon chime to gave our last interview online. The interview started with a Tell me about yourself ? and goes to my project in detail as my project was not good here he was not satisfied with it. Then he gave me some livecode amazon link where he asked me to design YouTube Music App which also i don’t know Here my interview was slipped, but i kept patience and told him that i am interested in coding part so he asked me following coding problem

I gave him hash based O(n) solution in which every query is O(1) but he want it to optimise more, then i tried but didn’t find one and at i last asked him some questions.

Finally 7 students get selected, in which 3 got FTE and 4 got 6 month Internship and i am one among them.


  1. Initiate with your approach and if he seems satisfied then code.
  2. “Do you any question for me?”, gives you best opportunity to show your interest towards company. So ask questions.
  3. If you don’t come with an optimal solution then at least give him a Brute Force approach.
  4. Be smile and Confident.
  5. Interviewers are really helpful, if you stuck anywhere ask them for hint.
  6. Clarify the question before jumping to the solution and ask output for different Test Cases.
  7. Do write neat and clean code and use proper variable name.
  8. Practice to write code on paper or whiteboard.
  9. Specially for Amazon go through the below link :
    Leadership Principles

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