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Amazon Interview Experience (Off-Campus) 2022

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 28 Feb, 2022

There is four round of interviews.

Round 1 (Online Assessment Test): The online test consists of 2 coding questions to be completed in 70 minutes. The questions are of medium difficulty level and I was able to solve both of them in under 40 minutes.

One of them was a variant of this question

Round 2 (Technical Interview): My interviewer asked me to introduce myself and then jumped into coding questions :

  • Question 1: Check if the given BST is a sum tree

    I gave him an optimized solution and discussed its time complexity.

  • Question 2: You will start at a point (X, Y) on a grid of dimensions (M, N). Return the no. of ways in which you can cross the border of the grid in exactly k steps.

    I initially gave a brute force solution. Later I was able to optimize my code. My interviewer was very friendly he helped me here and there if they were any errors in my code. Overall I was able to solve both the questions in under 50 minutes. Later we had a casual discussion on projects and work culture at Amazon for a few minutes.

Round 3 (Technical Interview): He gave an introduction about himself and asked me to do the same. Later he asked me a coding question:

Round 4 (Final Round/Bar Raiser): We had a discussion on my previous projects for around 30 minutes. He then asked me a few behavioral questions:

  • Tell me about a time when you have exceeded expectations.
  • Tell me about a time when you have delivered late? If yes what was the reason for the delay?
  • Why do you want to leave your current company?
  • Why Amazon?

He then asked me to write production-quality code for the following question-

Final Result: Selected.

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