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Amazon Interview Experience | MNIT Jaipur

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  • Last Updated : 19 Oct, 2020
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Round 1:It was coding test in which two coding question and 28 mcq related to data structure and C++.There were different set of papers in my case one coding question is convert infix to prefix and another is find mean, median and sum in array.After this round 33 select for interview.

Round 2:It was first interview round in which interviewer first discussed related to project then asked two question.It was problem solving round.

1.Generate two number from given digit of array b/w 0 to 9 such that if length of array is even then number of digit in each number should be equal if odd the digit difference b/w number should be 1.Use count sort  and in this case some edge case missed so detect that edge case(like 1000 in this 10, 0 digit is not equal but length of array is even).Write code on pan and paper.

2.Detect Cycle in Directed graph.Write code on paper.

Round 3:It was second Interview round she asked me three question related to data structure.

1.Search in infinite array First i told the binary search using fix upper limit as power of 2 and increment it.Then Interviewer asked me 2^1000 and 2^1001 there is huge diffrence b/w them so can you do it in efficient manner.I came with fix upper limit as multiple of 2. Interviewer was satisfied with my approach.She said write code on paper.

2.Find the intresection point in linked list direct from gfg .I told solution and she was satisfied.

3.It was related to min heap and write code on paper.I told solution and she was satisfied and said that we will come back for next round.

Round 4:He asked me three problem

1.Find Majority element in an array.I first told take map then he said extra space is not allowed.I gave second approach using sorting but he said do in o(n).Then I come up with efficient solution in o(n) .He was satisfied and said Nice.But he asked, have you done it before? i said yes i have done it before 2-3 month then he was happy.

2.related to binary tree find maximum sum path i have done it using recursion.

3.circular patrol pump i told approach and then he said ok.

After this he discussed on dbms and operating system related to deadlock, semaphore, mutex, critical section, ACID property.etc.

Round 5:4 student were select for this round.It was HR round in this he asked some question related to project and then asked np-complete problem, max heapify code, scc(strongly connected component).

The result was announced after some discussion only one from us selected Unfortunately i was not that one.

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