Amazon Interview Experience March 2019 (Off-Campus -Cloud Associate 1)

Received a Mail from off-campus recruiter, to take a online test for the role of cloud support associate 1. Had Registered and applied in Amazon website .

Round 1: Online Test : duration 1.5 hours . Contained 4 sections . General Aptitude, Technical round 1( concepts of OS, Computer Networks, DBMS, all of them in depth ), Technical round 2((Concepts of Big Data, Hadoop, Javascript, Data Science ), Coding ( 2 Questions Easy ) .

Aptitude + Technical round 1 is very important . Some people who hadn’t got coding questions were also selected .

Round 2: Technical Interview 1: The interview process went on for about more than 1 hour, The interviewers was very cool . He started asking me to tell me about myself . He just gave me simple coding question to sort the characters in array . Then he started asking me questions about Networks, how do your check if your internet  is working right, he asking me TCP/IP layer protocols (in depth), 3 Way Handshaking . OS (boot process) and trouble shooting process i would follow if the boot doesnt happen properly . He then  asked me about DHCP and other protocol .Know everything about troubleshooting process .

Round 3: Technical Interview 2: This interview went for 40 minutes, Detailed 3 way Handshaking, Detailed working of DNS, Detailed working of other application layer protocols, FTP, SMTP etc . Different types of firewall, how it can used to block various activities

They were hiring for 2 different profiles, Some candidates were good with Networking, Some were good with OS (Linux/Windows ). But be prepared for both in detailed manner . You can be hired for any profile, so if u are not good with one u might get rejected .

Round 4: Managerial Round : This was mostly an informal conversation about the challenges i faced during my work/ internship , how i tackled them . if i had stepped out of my comfort zone to do anything extra . What priorities i had Long term or short term goals . So i had to substantiate each of them with examples .

IMPORTANT : Stick to Amazon Leadership Principles

Round 5: HR : It was again about amazon leadership principles and why i wanted to join Amazon and normal HR stuff .

It was a long Day, process went on till 8 at Night . All the rounds  went well, the interviewers were very friends, it was more of a discussion, and they used to give hints and helped me through the process . They reverted back after 4 days with an Amazon Intent to Offer.

All the best !!!


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