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Online Round:

Around 800 candidates appeared for this round

The online round comprised of 4 sections:

  • Debugging(C,C++,Java,Python You have to choose one among them 20mins approx)
  • Coding(2 coding questions medium to difficult level 90 mins)
  • Psychometric test based on Leadership principle
  • Aptitude and Logical reasoning (I felt a short of time)

76 candidates were shortlisted from this round.

F2F Interview (Round-1)(1hr approx)

We were given two coding problems in this round.

Note:Every coding problems have to be coded in any one of your favourite language

Q1: Rearrange a string such that no two characters are same if not possible return -1  

Q2: Given a sequence of words, print all anagrams together

We discussed about 2 approach and did complexity analysis and coded the hashmap  


This round was basically to test your problem solving skills,coding skills.

F2F Interview(Round-2)(1.5hr approx)

Initially had a 2 min introduction

Then went on to project discussion explained in detail about the SIH project which we did  

for about 10min he was keen on understanding the challenges faced and knowing the complexity of the project.

Then went with coding problems

Since we were talking about internship experience which involved recommender system

got a question from search engine related  with pattern matching

Q1: Find the pattern in a string is existing or not

Discussed about naive approach complexity,not satisfied with it

Implemented Boye Moore’s method.

Q2: From a grid of letters find whether a given word exists.

 Q3: Sort a string according to the order defined by another string.

By end of these three questions he was quite happy.

He later made a dry run through my resume and came to know the technologies I know  and asked a few questions regarding that.

Both the rounds went smoothly.Interviewers were very sharp and had a sound knowledge.They were very friendly.

Finally 9 candidates made it through!

Tips :

  • Stay calm and positive during interview.(Don’t talk with peers before interview)
  • If you have enough  time try to read as many interview experience as possible in GFG as  it  will be really helpful in technical rounds on how to go about.
  • At last if unfortunately, If you are turned down don’t worry keep the same spirit throughout the process(I was rejected during the interview of other 6 good companies even at hr levels but finally got what I wanted).It is a test of time,patience and faith.Keep yourself positive and confident.

                                                                        Thanks a lot GFG !

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