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Amazon Interview Experience for Support Engineer Intern

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 14 Dec, 2021

I am really glad to share that I have joined Amazon as an Intern.

In this article, i will be sharing my first FAANG(MAANG) Interview Experience, so my resume got shortlisted after applying to Amazon through campus placements.

OA Assessment(Online Round): The first was an OA round, conducted on Cocubes platform

  • The test contained 5 sections each containing 5 MCQ questions out of which there was 1 coding section with one question that had strict test cases. The other 4 sections had MCQ questions on DBMS, Networking, DSA and Basics Computing Skills.
  • I still remember the coding question well, it was to convert infix to postfix. I attempted the question in Java.

On-Call Tech Round (First Telephonic Round): In this round, the interviewer introduced himself and then he asked me to introduce myself. He asked a few questions about my project. He then asked politely if we could start with the interview. He gave me two questions (Medium and Easy Level). This round lasted 45 minutes. The first question he asked was to swap linked list nodes.

  1. Given a linked list and two keys in it, swap nodes for two given keys. Nodes should be swapped by changing links.  Swap Linked List on GfG. I went on with the brute force approach and solved the question, by explaining at each step. The interviewer then asked me to optimise it using a single loop and i was able to do that. I solved this question and interacted with the interviewer explaining him in each step which approach I am using.
  2. The second question asked was : To check if a string is rearranged can it form a palindrome or not.  As the interviewer was running a bit late, he just asked me to describe the approach I’d use to solve this question.

Behavioral and OS+Networking Round (LAST ROUND): So the interviewer was the best!! She was very polite. The interview started with her introducing herself, and then she asked me to introduce myself. The interview started with behavioral questions and this totally depends on your answers. Make sure you go through the Amazon company policies before the round.

After the behavioral round she said let’s start with the technical part. The round lasted one hour, and the questions asked were mostly from Networking and OS.

Few questions asked were:

  1. What are the HTTP and the HTTPS protocol?
  2. What is the DNS?
  3. What is the TCP protocol?
  4. What is thread in OS?
  5. What is a process? What are the different states of a process?
  6. What is the difference between paging and segmentation?

After the interview, She asked if I had any questions, I asked how was her experience in Amazon being a Support Engineer?

I got my offer letter after 10 days of the last round.

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