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Amazon Interview Experience for SDE2 | 3+ years Experienced

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Location: Hyderabad

Round 1(Project discussion):

Discussion about my best project and some questions on indexes.

Round 2 (Design):

  1. Design lift
  2. Gave me a sample code in c++(first they ask the language you are comfortable with, mine was c++), and asked me to review it.
  3. Discussion on some projects

Round 3 (Design):

  1. Design notification system (SMS, email and push) – HLD
  2. questions on message queues
  3. max number of 1s in sorted m x n 0, 1 matrix

Round 4 (Design):

  1. Design pacman game (showed the youtube video) – LLD
  2. HLD of the same game

Round 5 (DS and Algo):

  1. Minimum number of operations to make a string balanced. All characters are in [A-Z] and the string is balanced when the frequency of all the characters in the string is same. The only operation that we can do is replace a character with any other character(and only replacement is allowed)
  2. Incoming stream of characters, at every point in the stream, return the first non repeating character
Last Updated : 25 Nov, 2019
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