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Amazon Interview Experience for SDE Internship
  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 14 May, 2021

I applied for Amazon SDE Internship through college. 

Online Round: There was an online round that had technical MCQs and 2 coding questions. The coding part was pretty simple. 7-8 people were shortlisted for the interview process. 

First face-to-face Interview Round: The round lasted for an hour. Firstly the interviewer asked me to introduce myself. Later there were 3 coding questions.

  1. Sort an array containing 0s,1s and 2s The interviewer wants you to give the optimized solution. They will help you to optimize the code.
  2. Given a 2-dimensional array containing 0s and 1s in ascending order in each row. Find the array which has the most 1s. Firstly I gave 2 solutions for this problem he wanted me to optimize it further.
  3. Given a binary tree in which the leaf nodes point to the adjacent leaf nodes and vice versa. Find if the given node is a leaf node or not. This can be solved by traversing the tree and checking if( node->left->right==node || node->right->left==nod) return true;

The selected candidates were called for the next round.

Second face-to-face Interview Round: This round lasted for 1&1/2 hour. Three coding questions were asked.

  1. Given inorder and preorder traversal of a tree. Print the actual tree. The interviewer verified it with an example.
  2. Rotate a given 2D array by 90 degrees. Again the optimized solution was asked.
  3. Given a number and asked the number of ways the number can be obtained as a sum of the natural numbers. I faced some issues coding this. The interviewer helped along the way and it is done using recursion.

2 people were selected for the internship from our college.

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