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Amazon Interview Experience for SDE Intern+PPO (On-Campus)

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Amazon visited our campus in September 2020, for the position of SDE-Intern and PPO. The eligibility criteria were 70% throughout for 10th, 12th, and B.Tech. Around 500 students were eligible for the online round.

Round 1 (Online Round): The online round had 4 sections:

The analytical questions were easy, and I was able to solve them all. I was able to debug all 7 questions in under 10 minutes. The coding question had 60 minutes allotted. I was able to solve both questions. 

Only 79 students got selected for the interview rounds. 

Round 2 (First Technical Interview Round at Amazon Chime): The interview directly started with coding questions and no introduction. I was sent a link to an online editor to write the code.

  1. Count distinct elements in every window of size k.
  2. Convert a given tree to its Sum Tree
  3. Trapping Rain Water

The interviewer wanted to discuss the approach before moving to the code. I started with brute force approaches and then gave the most optimal solution. For the first question, I missed an edge case in the code and the interviewer gave me some hints. I was able to fix the code. I was able to write the code for the second question in one attempt. For the third question, it took me some time to figure out the approach and after some discussion, I arrived at a solution with linear time and space. I wrote the clean code in one attempt. Later, I was told to optimize the space. After 5-7 minutes of thinking, she told me we have to hard stop here as we were running out of time. The interview went for around 1 hour 30 minutes.

21 students got selected for the next interview round.

Round 2 (Second Technical Interview Round at Amazon Chime): It started with small introductions and discussions on projects. He asked me questions about React and API calls which were implemented in my project. The discussion went for around 20 minutes, and we moved to coding problems. 

  1. A Product Array Puzzle.
  2. Asteroid Collision
  3. A very big random scenario was given. The problem statement was not clear to me but after a lot of discussions, it was a simple question of DFS/BFS.

I discussed all the brute force approaches first for all questions and then proceeded to give optimized solutions. I was able to solve the first question. I missed an edge case in the second question and the interviewer was not satisfied with my solution. I also thought that my solution is incorrect, and we moved to the next question. I was able to solve the third question after discussion and some hints.

Later after the interview when I checked my solution for 2nd question, it was just 4 more lines of code to be written to handle that edge case.

Result: Rejected, 9 students got selected for internship offer of 6 months from January 2021

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Last Updated : 16 Nov, 2020
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