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Amazon Interview Experience for SDE Intern | On-Campus November 2019

Last Updated : 25 Nov, 2019
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Amazon visited our campus for hiring in November 2019. The profile was SDE- Intern and was open to all branches.

No. Of Rounds => 3 { 1 online on Mettl + 2 tech F2F interview }

Description of rounds

Round 1 (Online Coding Round)

Conducted on Mettl platform  – 620 students appeared .We were given 90 minutes to solve 2 coding questions and 28 mcqs.

The mcqs were solely based on data structures and algorithms as well as finding error/output in given c/c++ snippet there was no negative marking.

My coding questions were :


The coding questions of round 1 were easy and most of the people solved both their 2 questions correctly but the mcq made the difference in selection. So make sure you attempt the mcq problems carefully.

Round 2 : 127 students shortlisted for F2F interviews

We were called for interviews in groups initially and the situation was like 2 students and 1 interviewer. The purpose of this round was to check the problem solving and coding proficiency of the students. The interviewer told a bit about himself in the beginning followed by the standard question of every interview “ Tell me about yourself ?”.

There was almost no discussion on my resume or about my projects. Then we moved to the questions of that round. { pen paper round }

The first question given to me was :



I was asked whether I have seen the problem before and I was honest and told him that sir yes I have solved this problem before. He gave the subsequent problem then.


They first discuss the approach and once they are satisfied with the approach we are expected to write production ready code without any bugs and the code should compile in one go.


Round 3 : F2F interview approx 50 students appeared for this round

This interview also followed a similar approach like the previous interview but this time it was 1 interviewer and 1 candidate. The interview began with a few questions about my coding language and skills. Then we moved straight to pen and paper coding.

I was again asked to write 2 production ready codes and the questions were :



  • You are at the beginning of the array, you can either take 1 jump or arr[i] jumps at each step, you have to return the minimum number of steps to reach the end of the array. {DP}



Again the focus was on production ready code and how well you cover all the corner cases.

This was the last round and offers were released by EOD


Advice and Tips : 


Be confident, bold and honest in your answers. Be yourself.

If you do not know the topic or answer to a question they ask, do not panic, and just tell them that you do not know.

Interviewers do not expect an exact answer to a question, but they see your attitude, approach and improvisation in solving the problem.(yes body language also does matter)

 Think out loud during the interview and try to engage the interviewer in problem solving along with you. Don’t rush to writing the code, first discuss the approach with the interviewer and then write the code. You will have ample of time so no need to worry and remember that the interviewer is there to help you only they will provide the required hints, from where you can pick up and reach the solution.

 If you get stuck in between the interview, stop right there take a deep breathe, ask for a new sheet of paper and start again.

Lastly … 

Do not consider placement as burden, when you have actually prepared thoroughly, you will crack it one day provided company feels you fit into their requirements.

DO NOT LOSE HOPE IF YOU ARE NOT HIRED, it is very much necessary to learn from each interview experience you have and to prepare yourself best for the next. Do not give up at any cost, keep preparing (because there is lots to learn) and be in the race. 



All the best <3  

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