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Amazon Interview Experience for SDE-Intern

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 08 Jul, 2020

I recently scored an SDE internship with Amazon (Gurugram). Here are my two cents.

  1. Stop listening to whoever boasts about having an easy interview. A lot of folks become complacent and are unprepared when the interviewer throws a difficult problem at them.
  2. Pick a website of your choice- Leetcode, Hackerrank, InterviewBit etc and practice every day religiously. There’s no slacking on this front.
  3. Cramming Amazon or XYZ company-tagged questions won’t be sufficient. The idea is to practice enough questions to develop your coding abilities and become able to tackle a completely new problem.
  4. Be comfortable with calculating the time and space complexities of your program.
  5. You should know basic data structures (and a few advanced ones like Tries, balanced BSTs etc) and the complexities of the operations on them.
  6. For the online round, try to solve a few debugging and SAT-style questions in a limited time.
  7. Prepare solid answers based on your resume and projects for the behavioral round in tune with Amazon’s Leadership Principles. Practice with a friend.

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