Amazon interview experience for SDE II

Round 1 (f2f): Interviewer was very young and directly jumped into the question after introduction.

  1. Given an array find the maximum element for all the subarrays of size K
  2. Given two strings s1 and s2 compute the minimum number of operations required to convert s1 to s2.

Round 2:

  1. Given a string of integers ex:123405678 find all the valid IPV4 addresses that can be formed from the string given that you always start from the starting index i.e all IP address should start with index 0 in this case 1.
  2. There is a tank of infinite capacity and the tank is connected to a pipe of a finite length and the pipe is connected to a house….that house is connected to many houses with pipes of different length and finally drain in to a drainage…..Compute the maximum amount of water drained into the drainage at any given instance…(DFS approach and find the minimum at every path and sum all the minimums….if sum of all the minimums is greater than the source pipe volume return source pipe volume else return the sum)

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