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Amazon Interview Experience for SDE-I (6 months Experienced)

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 22 Aug, 2021

I got a mail from amazon as I was referred by someone( linkedIn connection) for SDE-1 role. It was totally unexpected referral for me. Me with my friends have already booked tickets to goa because I was not expecting any referral. 

Recruiter sent me the coding test just one week before goa trip, where I have to write code as well as approach and time and space complexity :

  1. Solved using min heap.
  2. . Solved using 2 pointer approach, and mentioned binary search approach also.

After passing all the test cases for both of the questions, I was expecting an interview call so I took laptop also with me to goa. I enjoyed first 4 days in goa, on 5th day, Friday , there were three rounds on Amazon Chime

Interview Round 1(Hiring Manager Round): First 40 minutes, we discussed my current company work, university projects, some behavioral questions like conflict with manager, conflict with colleagues etc.

Then he asked some tech questions

  1. Difference between REST and SOAP APIs
  2. Producer consumer problem
  3. What is virtual memory
  4. What is garbage collector, thread vs process.

I answered all the questions.

After First round Lan/WiFi of my Villa stopped working, so I went to the nearest Bar+Restaurant because Bar’s Wi-Fi was working fine.

Interview Round 2(DS/Algo Round): Taken by SDE-1

In first 10-15 minutes He asked my current company’s work and some behavioral questions. Then he jumped to coding problems

  1. .I gave two approaches one is using 2 stacks and another is using one deque. I was asked to write code for 2 stack approach.
  2.  .I was told to write a production ready code for all scenarios, solved this problem using binary search approach

Interview Round 3(DS/Algo round): Taken by SDE-2

My villa’s wifi started working fine for this round.

Interviewer asked me about my day, I told him that I gave second round sitting in a bar, he started laughing and appreciated my spirit. After a short introduction he jumped straight to the coding questions:

  1. First I gave a O(n²) approach he told me to do it in O(n). I gave a quick approach, but it was failing for some cases, after 5-6 minutes of interactive discussion, I finally gave an approach, and it was working fine for all the cases. He told me to write a production ready code with meaningful variable and function names.
  2. First I told him that it can be solved using DFS or BFS. He told me to solve it using DFS. After trying for sometime I realized using DFS it is falling in ∞ loop, I tried for 10 minutes but couldn’t solve this using DFS. Then after 5 minutes of interactive discussion he told me that it can be solved using BFS. 

Next day I returned to my home from goa. after not able to solve snack and ladder problem completely in last round ,I was not expecting next round interview call, but fortunately I was contacted by a recruiter that there is a final round after 5 days.

Interview Round 4(DS/Algo Round): Taken by SDE-2

  1. Interviewer was 10 min late, and He was the same guy who referred me for this role. After a small discussion he asked me some behavioral questions related to my university projects and current company work, I tried to explain him my current company work that how I am working on Single Sign On /OIDC protocol . But couldn’t explain him perfectly.
  2. Then he went through my resume and as I am 5* on Codechef, He asked me the most challenging problem I have solved on Codechef, at the time I was completely blank, then I told him about this( problem that because of the Codechef I came to know that this can be solved using binary search instead of DP.
  3. Then He asked me to Write code for following problem:
  4. I wrote the code using this (²) approach.

Result : Not Selected???? , technically I was good but was not best fit according to amazon leadership principles.

Hope this will help others. All the best !!! be Prepared for Leadership Principles.

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