Amazon Interview Experience for SDE-1 Internship

The first round was the Online coding round which was held on the AMCAT platform

It consisted of 4 sections:

1:)  Debugging Question (Pretty straight forward questions)

2:)  Coding Questions

2.1:)  Merge two sorted linked list

2.2:) Check whether a tree is a subtree of another tree or not

3.) Work-Life assessment

4.) Aptitude and logical reasoning

Some other questions were

Out of around 200 students who participated in the 1st round, 32 were shortlisted for the next round

Round 1.)  On amazon chime –

  1. This round took approx 60-70 minutes
  2. The round started with a brief introduction from both the interviewer and me
  3. After 2-3 mins of Introduction, he headed towards the question
  4. The interviewer asked me only 1 question. Although my friends had an experience of being assessed on 2-3 questions.
  5. The questions were mainly focused on DS topics like graphs ( topological sort particularly ), stacks, trees, and heap.
  6. The interviewer analyzed my thought process and the approach I took, the reason for the approach, and the time and space complexity for the same.
  7. The interviewer was very friendly, he discussed the approach I took and how I came up with this approach and all edge cases. He helped me clarify any doubts I had for the same.
  8. The discussion took around 40 minutes after which I was told to write clean code for the same following proper naming convention.
  9. To my luck, the interviewer was satisfied with the code after suggesting a few alterations
  10. He pointed out one edge case which I missed and the discussion ended once I fixed it

The question was based on a graph that is to be solved by DFS/BFS.

After this round, 19 were shortlisted to proceed with the 2nd round

Round 2:-  On Amazon Chime

  1. This round took approximately an hour
  2. The round too started with a brief introduction from both the interviewer and me
  3. The interviewer assessed me on the company principles by asking some behavior questions
  4. After this, he asked me about the LRU cache and some test case
  5. I was asked to implement the same and explain the time and space complexity of each approach I took
  6. The interviewer asked me If I have any questions that he can help answer.

Verdict: Selected for 6 months Internship.

12 people made it through!


  1. Be honest with yourself.
  2. Be clear with your approach and try to consider all edge cases
  3. Try to familiarize yourself with the time and space complexity of every part of your approach.
  4. Be confident. If you are stuck somewhere the interviewer usually helps you out to find the right path.
  5. Read past Interview experiences. They helped me a lot.
  6. Don’t get demotivated by rejections. Just do your best and improve day by day, so you don’t regret anything from the preparation side.

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