Amazon Interview Experience for SDE-1

Round 1: It was an online round on Amcat platform consisting of two questions.

I don’t exactly remember the question, but the first question was based on DFS and second on BFS.

Round 2:It was f2f round in amazon hyd building

This round had 2 questions:-


Q2. Data structure with insert(), delete(), getrandom(), delrandom() functions, such that all happens in O(1) time.

Round 3:f2f round

An in-depth discussion of my previous work experience, followed by 2 design questions:-

Q1 design drinks vending machine.

Q2 design LRU cache, with complete code.

Round 4: f2f round

Q1.  ——–iterative as well as recursive approach.

Q2. Merge K sorted array.


Round 5: f2f round

An in-depth discussion of my previous work experience.

A question similar to :-

it was not exactly the same question but a variation of above.



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