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Amazon Interview Experience for SDE-1
  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 09 Jan, 2020

Round 1: Coding round

Online coding round consisting of 3 question (Duration-1hr)

  1.  Given a space separated string find the first substring whose reverse is present in the string. And string will end with $ sign.
  2. Chocolate distribution problem-There are N people standing in a row with some count (1<=i<=N) number of chocolates in their hands. You have to select a range of people and take all their chocolates with the condition that you should be able to distribute those chocolates equally among M boxes. Write a program to determine the maximum number of chocolates that can be placed in a box.
  3. Related to DP(not remember).

Round 2: Write on paper

Round 3: F2F  round


Round 4: F2F round


Round 5: Hiring manager round (video calling)

  1. Basic questions about team and project and problem faced  in current company.
  2. Basic question about leadership like have u lead any project in current company.
  3. Team conflict question
  4. One design pattern question- Design an E-commerce application where user can place order and order will go to cart and then place order after payment. After explaining the question he gives me 15 minutes of time in which first i have to ask all my doubt and then code the solution.
  5. Any question for me.

Round 6: Bar raiser round ( video calling)

  1. Question related to Amazon leadership principle.
  2. A lot of question related to project in current company.
  4.  and then said to generalize it for triplet and other also.

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