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Amazon Interview Experience for SDE-1

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  • Last Updated : 16 May, 2022

I had applied on the amazon career site around 50+ times but never heard back from their side, fine day I got a mail from the sde1 team that they are hiring and they shortlisted my resume so I applied via that link.

Online Interview:  I got the OA link the same day. I thought let’s end this thing today so I attempted the OA the same day, I got 2 questions on hackerrank

  • Pascal triangle.
  • 1 DP question(grid dp). luckily I solved both the question by the grace of God. 
  • Then there were some LP(leadership principle ) questions around 50 so I answered them. I knew that I will pass the test, 

After 5 days I got a mail that I have passed the test. then after 10 days, my interview was scheduled, but interviews were postponed for some reason. Interviews were again scheduled but again one of the interviews got rescheduled. 

Round 1: I gave my first interview at 6 PM after my office hours

  • DP hard type question – given an array and a number K find all the subsequence which can from a K digit valid number after doing its Modulo.
  • Stack/string medium type

I solved the 2nd question but not with the best approach (almost the best) that could describe half of the 1st question.
Note-people preparing should know the clarity of the solution as the interviewer will dig it.

Round 2: next day. we started with a good coding question

  • Given a 2D array/vector which contains pairs of nodes {parent, child}. we need to return
    • All nodes that have only 1 parent
    • ALL nodes have no parent.

It could figure out the exact approach in the first 2 mins. but messed but in implementation. Then we discussed hashmap, the time complexity of various functions, and some LP questions.

Waiting for the next mail from their side.

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