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Amazon Interview Experience for SDE-1

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 11 Jan, 2022

Applied through HackerEarth coding challenge for 6 months+ experienced

Round 1(Hackerearth Round – Coding Challenge): Two questions were asked to solved.

  1. Based on the priority queue
  2. Based on the map

I solved both questions within 40 minutes.

After few weeks got a call for scheduling interview rounds.

Round 2 (Technical Interview): Two questions were asked, along with the behavioural questions.

  1. First question was based on the binary search
  2. Second was a DP problem with binary tree.

I was able to solved both the problems, some questions were asked from the previous experience.

Round 3(Technical Interview – Taken by a SDE-2): Two questions were asked, along with the behavioural questions.

  1. First question was similar to the problem
  2. Second question was a DP problem.

The questions were followed by questions from previous experience and behavioural questions.

Round 4(Technical Interview – Taken by a Senior SDM): Two questions were asked

  1. First question was OOPs concept based question, I was given with some features which needed to add in the amazon alexa, and asked to implement the generic and maintainable code, using different oops concept.
  2. Second question was similar to, They have provided a single array of people and a function knows(a,b) which return true if a knows b otherwise false.

Some more questions from resume, past experiences, college projects and behavioural based  were asked

Round 5(Bar Raiser Round – Taken by SDE-2): Two questions along with some resume based and behavioural questions.

  1. First question was based on LRU based, the question was framed in a way that you first need to understand the question itself, and ask different questions.
  2. Second question was similar to the problem


  1. Thoroughly go through amazon leadership principals as most of the behavioural questions were asked from that only.
  2. Be vocal throughout your interview process, incase if you are going in the wrong direction interviewer might help you.
  3. Ask questions to clarify the questions that were asked
  4. Always be prepared to dry run the code you have written as interviewer might not code in same language as you do.

After giving all the rounds, a few days later got informed that i was selected.

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