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Amazon Interview Experience for SDE-1

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 29 Sep, 2021
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Online Assessment:

  • 1 leetcode easy question
  • 1 medium leetcode graph: finding the shortest path with mines in between the start and end location provided
  • Also required to explain the approach in documentation

F2F Round 1: SDM with huge experience

  1. Queue implementation using stacks – pinpointing on clean code and optimisation/tweaks – Easy/Med
  2. Check symmetry in n-ary(generic) trees- HARD: you can watch a tutorial on Youtube by pepcoding

This round did not go well as I could not figure a full solution to the second question

F2F Round 2:Taken by an SDE 1

  • 2 behavioural questions on amazon LP: When you had tough deadlines, and you had to make compromise what did you do?
  • TIP: High standards, think out of the box, no compromises, prioritise tasks
  • When you worked out of your designated work?
  • TIP: ownership principle, teamwork

2 coding problems :

  1. Remove elements from sorted Linked lIst which occurs more than once
  2. Binary search Medium+ question – Sorted array with some swapping between neighbouring elements, now you are given a key to search

ANS – these are sorted segments – use Binary search – find points where swapping might have been done

I was able to solve all questions and gave good behavioural answers as well

Shortlisted for 2 more rounds

F2F Round 3: Taken by SDM with high experience

  • 4-5 Behavioural Questions Situation based on LP based on Customer obsession and more
  • When you did something extra for customers?
  • When you and the client had different POV and how did you solve that ?
  • Basically how you handle conflicts
  • 1 coding question – validate sudoku


  • Getting all edge cases is very important over here and in all the problems before you write the code, get those seemingly obvious/vague/tricky cases cleared. ASK, there is nothing that you can lose in that
  • I was able to solve the coding problem and was prepared for behavioural

TIP: for behavioural,

and more, you can check at LinkedIn

F2F Round 4:

  • Discussion on projects, OS, DBMS, CN
  • link working in the background – networking?
  • Transactions and deadlocks?
  • Bankers Algo?
  • Threads and processes in OS
  • One Coding problem – Medium/hard
  • all intermediatory words should be proper dictionary words( which is already implemented, no worries about that)
  • In one iteration you are allowed to only change one letter at any position in the word to form the next word
  • CAT -> CAN ->MAN -> MEN

TIP – Recursion

VERDICT: Selected

Few Tips:

  • It was an off-campus application, took one month for the process.
  • Keep faith in yourself
  • Interviewers will guide you to the solution if you get the subtle hints and work in that direction
  • Workout with all edge cases
  • Do not panic, treat it like a good discussion

Thanks to the YouTubers I followed and GfG

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