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Amazon Interview Experience for SDE-1

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 18 May, 2021

I was contacted by a recruiter at the start of April for the Bangalore location

She asked me to give a coding test on Hackerrank. The test had 2 questions. I was able to solve both questions completely. After 1 week I got a call for a telephonic round.

There were total 5 Rounds of the interview –

Technical phone screen (1 hour): The interviewer was SDE-2 at amazon.

  • Asked 2 questions about work done from my resume
  • Asked 1 heap-based question
  • Question – Given M managers with priority as M1>M2>…, each manager has some n number of reporters working under him.
  • There are x jobs with different priorities, your job is to assign the task to employees, such that M_i+1 can not be assigned a task until all the reporters of M_i have been assigned.
  • I gave him a heap-based approach, he asked me the time complexity.
  • He was satisfied with my approach and asked me to write working code.

After 1 week I received a call for the next set of rounds i.e. onsite rounds.

First Onsite Round (1 hour): The interviewer was SDE2 at amazon.

  • Asked 2 questions based on DS Algorithms, one question was based on BST and the other was based on Graph, I gave an approach of using dfs
  • She asked me approach and time, space complexity first, I was able to solve both problems without any hint.
  • Next, She asked me 2 Behavioral questions
  • Question1 – Tell me a time when you had a conflict with the product team over some requirement and how did you handle it
  • Question 2 – Tell me about a time when you had to work out of your comfort zone

Second Onsite Round (1 hour): The interviewer was SDE-3 at Amazon.

  • He asked me one question on BST- I took 1 hint and around 30 minutes to write working code for this. He asked me to optimize the code more for space complexity.
  • He asked some behavioral questions
  • Question1 – Tell me about a time you have to face some unfamiliar requirement.
  • Question2 – Tell me about a time when you faced a crisis at work

Third Onsite Round (1 hour): This was Hiring Manager’s round.

  • He gave a simple problem based on the array and sliding window concept.
  • Next, he asked about the work done in the previous company.
  • He gave me 1 question on MYSQL(mentioned in cv).
  • We discussed some OOPs concepts like deadlock, semaphores, etc.
  • After 2 days I got a call from the recruiter for the next round i.e. Bar raiser round

Bar Raiser Round (1 hour):

  • The interviewer was in a very senior position at Amazon.
  • He asked 2 questions based on DS also.
  • Question 1 – DP based
  • Question 2 – Something like a balanced parenthesis problem
  • I was able to solve question 1 completely, he seemed satisfied with it.
  • Due to lack of time, there were some bugs in the code of question 2.
  • And also, all the interviewers asked me to explain the space and time complexity of my approaches.

Tips –

  • Prepare well for Amazon leadership principle.
  • Make sure you remember all the projects from your resume.
  • Prepare DS Algorithms well.

Result: Selected

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