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Amazon Interview Experience for Internship 2021 (On-Campus)

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 03 Nov, 2020

Amazon visited our campus (NIT Jamshedpur) in September 2020. Around 120 candidates were shortlisted for round-1.

Round 1: This round was an online coding round held on AMCAT. It consisted of 4 sections.

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  1. Code Debug (20 mins): It had 7 questions which were quite easy.
  2. Coding (70 mins): It consisted of 2 coding questions.
    • Question 1: Merge two sorted linked lists.

    • Question 2: Given a list of N packing crates in the facility, any of which is a candidate to be moved to the new facility. The truck is initially at the origin of capacity M. Return the list of M locations closest to the truck.

  3. Work Styles Assessment (10-15 mins): It was based on amazon leadership principles.
  4. Logical ability (35 mins):  MCQs based on aptitude

30 candidates were selected for the next round.

Round 2(One-to-One Interview) We were provided an amazon chime link for the meeting. First of all, the interviewer introduced himself and asked me to introduce myself. Then he asked me 2 coding questions.

  1. Given 2 strings a and b. a represent the first lane in which vehicles move from left to right. The b represents the second lane in which vehicles move from right to left. Vehicles can be B (bike), C (car), T (truck). collision will occur only between two trucks. Find the probability of collision.


    a = TCCBCTTB
    b = BTCCBBTT
    total number of collisions=7
    Probability of collision = 7/36

    First I gave the simple solution (time complexity: O(N), space complexity: O(N) ), he told me to write the code and then asked me the optimised approach. So I gave a constant space and linear time complexity algorithm and improved the earlier code.

  2. Given a binary tree having unique values and an array arr of integers. Return a list of root nodes of every component of the tree after deleting the nodes which are present in arr. I told the O(N) time complexity approach then he asked me to code it. We discussed the edge cases, and I was able to write the full code. He seemed satisfied at this time and asked me to give the brief intro of the project I mentioned in my resume within 30 seconds. 

Then we had a 5-10 minute discussion on the questions I asked him. The interviewer was very friendly.

I was expecting to be shortlisted for round-3, but 10 candidates(including me) were offered an internship after the round-2 itself.

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