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Amazon Interview Experience for FTE | On-Campus 2020(Virtual)

  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 27 Nov, 2020

Online Coding Round: 2 Coding questions based on tree and graph.

Round – 1 (60 Minutes):

Become a success story instead of just reading about them. Prepare for coding interviews at Amazon and other top product-based companies with our Amazon Test Series. Includes topic-wise practice questions on all important DSA topics along with 10 practice contests of 2 hours each. Designed by industry experts that will surely help you practice and sharpen your programming skills. Wait no more, start your preparation today!

  1. In a range of m and n print all the numbers having consecutive difference 1 between digits. (3 Approach)
  2. Arrival and Departure of the train is given, you have to calculate the minimum number of Stations(2 Approach)

Round – 2 (60 Minutes):

  1. Given an array of candidates of a marathon, such that for every a[i], a[i] comes before i+1.(2 Approach)

    If a[i]= -1, that means a[i] is the winner. 

    Output the array with the ranking of candidates

  2. Minimum number of Steps Knight will require reaching x,y position in infinite size Chess Board(2 Approach)

Round 3 – (1 hr 45 Minutes):

  1. Tell me About Yourself

  2. Given a String having 0 and 1. Have to convert that string such that all 0 comes first and all 1 comes after 0 in a minimum number of flips


    00001000110111 output->2
  3. Symmetric Tree(2 Approach)

  4.  kth largest element in running stream.(2 Approach)

  5. Sorting(merge, Heap)

  6. Heap sort Implementation

  7. Thrashing

  8. Deadlock

  9. Polymorphism

  10. Run-Time Polymorphism vs Compile Time Polymorphism (Example)

  11. Inheritance vs Composition (Example)

  12. TCP vs UDP

  13. SQL vs NO SQL

  14. Reason for Deadlock to occur

  15. What happens when you type

They took only 1 student and I can’t make it.

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