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Amazon interview experience for Experienced

  • Last Updated : 15 Jul, 2019

Below are the questions asked in amazon interview for 3yr experienced guy in java technology.

Round 1 (Telephonic) :

  1. I was asked two DS questions in this round.
    You are given an array containing length of the pipes. ith pipe has length a[i], and length = cost of pipe. The array is unsorted, you have to combine pipes till there is only one pipe left and have to minimize the cumulative cost as well.

    Solution: (Connect n ropes with minimum cost)

  2. Given a linked list, you have to reverse k alternate nodes.

    Solution: (Reverse alternate K nodes in a Singly Linked List)

Round 2 (Face to Face – Technical) :
The came in asked questions about the projects I did. I was able to explain him as I only mentioned what I did and was confident about the pros and cons of it.

Besides projects, they asked one more question to find out first non repeated character in a character stream and the solution has to be optimal.
Solution: (Given a string, find its first non-repeating character)

Round 3 (Face to Face – System Design) :

  • You have to design a game called wordament where you will generate 4×4 matrix containing characters with each character holding a score. You have to design the gameplay, the game will stop automatically in 2 mins.

Round 4 (Face to Face – Behavioral) : This round mainly focused on:

  • The work done so far in my career.
  • The approaches I adapted in different situations, what would have been my decision under certain conditions and why?
  • How would I have tackled those situations.

The system design round became the hindrance for me to clear the interview process and resulted in rejection. Other wise there would have been 2 more rounds.

Best of luck 🙂

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