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Amazon Interview Experience for 6 months Intern (On-Campus)

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 17 Nov, 2020

Amazon conducted 3 rounds.

Round 1: An online assessment that consisted of 4 sections.

  1. Code Debug(20 mins): It consisted of 6 questions. (Cakewalk)
  2. Work Style assessment(25 mins): Questions based on Amazon leadership principles
  3. Coding(70 mins): 2 coding questions
  4. Logical ability(35 mins): MCQ based aptitude questions

I was able to solve both the coding questions. 25 students were shortlisted for further rounds.

Round 2: Interview was held on Amazon Chime and LiveCode. The interviewer introduced himself and asked me for the same. After that, 2 coding questions were asked.

  1. Implement a LIFO data structure that has the following operations: Push, Pop, GetMiddle, DeleteMiddle.
    I discussed the brute force approach using array along with the time complexities of all functions. Then, he told me to improve the time complexity of DeleteMiddle function. So, I told an approach to use HashMap. The interviewer said to make my own hashmap instead of relying on language. I was not able to come up with a solution. I was asked to code.
  2. Pattern-based question:

    I was not able to recognize the pattern. 

Round 3: Interview was held on the same platform. I introduced myself. 3 coding questions were asked in this round.

  1. Given an integer array, find all the numbers which don’t have a greater element on its right.
    I explained brute force solution and time complexity(TC: O(n^2), SC: O(1)). The interviewer asked to improve time complexity. I told an O(n) TC solution with O(n) space. We moved on to the next question. I coded the solution.
  2. Given an array of stock prices, perform 2 queries.
    • Change the value of the stock at ith index
    • Find minimum stock price within a given range
      I told brute force solution with O(1) and O(n) TC respectively. I was not able to tell the optimal solution for the second query.
  3. HOD of your college is supposed to give gifts to students.
    Input Parameters: n(number of students), List of edges represting friends, k(cost of a gift)
    If HOD gives gifts to student A, he will also have to give gifts to all the students whom A considers as his/her friend. If A considers B as his/her friend, it’s not necessary that B considers A as his/her friend. Find the minimum cost HOD will have to spend.
    For example, if A’s friend is B and B’s friend is C, 3 gifts have to be given.
    I told a solution based on DFS. I was asked to code. After explaining the code, he said there’s also an optimal approach. But, we were running out of time. So, he asked if I had any questions.

5 students were selected.

Verdict: Rejected

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