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Amazon Interview Experience – Application Engineer

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  • Last Updated : 08 Jun, 2020
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Round 1 : Scripting and troubleshooting

Scripting :-

  1. Return the count of word present in a file
  2. How will you kill one/multiple process in cmd
  3. Return PID of a process
  4. How will you Change file permissions
  5. Return number of empty lines in a file
  6. Return 1st word of every line in a file

Simple questions like these and basic linux commands to get current running process.

Troubleshooting :-

  • How will you handle sudden increase in request count in the system
  • How will you optimize and reconstruct your DB tables so that we can decrease search time (DB concepts)


Basic Scripting and linux cmd, “grep”, “sed” are some important cmd to brush up. 

Issue analysis and finding root cause is important in troubleshooting 

Round 2: Programming

Array questions

  1. Find maximum sum in an array, provided – you cannot add the neighbour elements
  2. Find maximum sum strictly increasing subarray . Check here


Time complexity, space complexity, handling edge cases like considering negative numbers, explain with proper example so that interviewer can get your point of view. Don’t start to write the code at the first shot, ask questions and get a clear view about the question then start coding.

Round 3: Programming and Scripting

Again Array question similar to the previous round with slight modifications in constrains.

Write script to download a zip file from a website. Copy those to remote machine and extract that zip file in remote machine, Check file permissions. Return count number of html and css files in that directory.

SQL queries:-

  1. Display the count of people staying a city.
  2. Display the count of unique cities.
  3. Display the count of people more than 19 age for every city.

Basic questions about previous experiences and projects.

Brush up basic DB queries, array and strings concepts, Scripting and your leadership skills if you have experience.

Round 4: Hiring Manager

Prepare yourself for Behavioral Questions and STAR interview questions. Find the questions here.

Speak confidently and take it slow & steady. Explain your project and everything clearly so that they will find easy to understand your contribution and efforts.


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