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Amazon Interview Experience – Application Engineer 2 (2.3 years experienced)

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Round 1: Telephone Interview
  1. Initial, Questions were mostly from Technologies mentioned in the Resume.
  2. After that they entered into coding part and they shared a online editor which belongs to amazon . -> question 1: Given a Set of strings find the number of occurrences of each string . -> question 2: Given array of even and odd numbers move even numbers to front and odd number to end they excepted optimized solution for both questions.
  3. Few questions on scripting like they asked what are the linux commands you know and where you have used it .
  4. Database query question based on join and some stuffs.
  Round 2: After an hour of telephone interview got the call from hr saying short listed for further rounds of face to face interviews .
  1. Two people came for interview panel  . they started with resume and entered the main part  with simple coding . First question to print the pattern . * *   * *      *    * -> and second question  was some java output debugging with operator precedence . 2 debugging questions like this.
  2.  Another guy started his part with one coding questions given two arrays merge into a single array .
  3. Find number of occurrences of a word in a file  using any one of the scripting language ruby, shell or linux commands
  4. they asked me any questions i just asked about how an application engineer work will be there in amazon . they explained about it .
Round 3: After an half hour of waiting this round started with two people 1.  This round is full of scripting and scenario based debugging questions .  they started with scripting questions how will you get count of number of errors occurred from a log file . 2.  How will you automate the before question scenario with multiple servers running  ?   have to answer with automation script how to do this 3. Explain about my current project and its architecture . 4. Given a search result it takes millisec to complete and it takes more than a sec on the second day of query . what might have happened and explain what would you do ?  . they tried to get answer from me itself without giving any clue .  Answer : due to duplicate contents index might have gone wrong and indexing needs to be improved or fixed . 5. They asked me few behavioral questions and asked me what is your greatest achievement in work so far. Round 4 :  After my Lunch this round started
  1. this is more of problem solving one guy can and just started with a coding question . given an array of strings group the string that are anagram to each other . group non anagram strings separately . started with a brute force solution . he asked to optimize more in tc and sc . after giving the more optimized solution he asked me to code it .  The guy who came to me is more even worse he was seeing syntax errors also in code . 2.  Second one was : Given an array and constant k , find the maximum number in the window size of k . same like started with a brute force and ended with optimized solution . 3. After these questions he asked me few behavioral questions to analyze my decision making .
Round 5: Manager round  1. he came with a horrer face . he didnt even see my face looking at his laptop  started his first question .  Given a Jar of Pills find the jar with defective pills puzzle questions . 2. After that he also asked me my current project explanation and architecture . 3. based on that he asked again a scripting question . group files of particular format and zip and move it to given folder location . 4. then asked me any questions .  i asked about application engineer work . he given a detailed explanation of work and asked me to have some coffee . hr will come and inform me like that . HR came and once we get feedback from every panel will let you know the results . After one week they called me and offered me Application Engineer 2 position …

Last Updated : 11 Mar, 2020
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