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Amazon Interview Experience | AmazeWow 2020
  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 29 Jun, 2020

Round 1: Online Assessment

The AmazeWow assessment was of 30 questions including 2 coding questions.


Other 28 MCQs were based on technical portion including OOPCs, DSA etc.

Round 2: Virtual Interview (Round-1)

The interviewer started with few subjective questions based on DBMS, OS and OOPCs.

Then for data structures he asked type of traversals in trees which later on turned into the  first coding question itself, after that he asked is there anyway to reconstruct the tree using these traversals. He then asked is there any exception to reconstruct tree using only one type of traversal. The answer was BST which was my coding question as- Construct the binary search tree using given preorder traversal.

Note: You have to ask about input method and other important details from the interviewer yourself.

The first approach I told was O(nlogn) which he asked to optimize then after few minutes of thinking out loud  and with a small hint I got the O(n) solution and after coding it, tried to dry run it and the question was done.

Then he moved to some basic paradigms of OOPCs , following with the difference between run time polymorphism and compile time polymorphism.

Here is the link to the answer.

He asked the next question which was with first O(n) then the optimised one with O(logn+k).

And with this round-1 ended.


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