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Amazon Interview Experience

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Online Test:

Note: Test conducted on mettl platform, do atleast 1.5 coding questions for good chance

Pen Paper Round: Given 2 questions, discuss the approach with an assigned mentor and write code on paper handling all test cases. Make sure the presentation is neat, good variable names are used, comments are given to explain what each block of the code does, use least time and space complexity.
The questions were:

Technical Round 1:

After writing code, just do a dry run, it should handle all corner cases. The interviewer is going to count the number of errors.

Technical Round 2: The interviewer was very friendly and gave me hints and a lot of time.

  • He asked me about my projects(basic level and didn’t go deep), the 4th year project even though I didn’t mention it in my resume.
  • The coding question was to count the number of turns in a binary tree.
    I told him some observations and asked him for some hint, he simplified the question and made the question given a node and the root, find the number of turns in the path. After some time, I was able to come up with an answer. He asked to optimize and I came up with an answer after some more thinking.

Technical Round 3:

Tips: I kept solving questions from the following link. Have some good projects, some certifications if possible on a resume, I used a website zety for building a resume. Practice typing or writing code instead of reading it. I am deeply indebted to GeeksforGeeks for providing all the necessary resources.

Last Updated : 10 Jan, 2020
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