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Amazon Interview Experience | 401 (3+Years Experience for SDE II)

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Recently I was interviewed for Amazon SDE II for Amazon Pay Team. Below are the Questions : Round 1 : (Written : Pen & Paper) (3 Questions)
  1. Given a 1D Array. Return True if there exists an element where a[i]+a[j] = 0 && i!=j. Reference : GeeksforGeeks Link
    Input : arr = {2,-3,4,1,-6,-4,1}
    Output : True
    Input : arr = {2,3,4,1,-6,4,1}
    Output : False
  2. Related to Buy and Sell of stock and gain maximum profit. Only 1 unit to buy or sell at a time. Reference : GeeksforGeeks Link
  3. Given a Tree (it was a BST), replace the data of all nodes which have data >= the node’s data. Solution : GeeksforGeeks Link (Even the example was same from above link ;))
  4. Round 2 : DS and Algo (F2F) (3 Questions)
    1. Program for n’th node from the end of a Linked List Solution : GeeksforGeeks Link
    2. Print min & max (both) of all subarray of size k Reference : GeeksforGeeks Link Note : The reference link is just for min or max. Here we need both min and max in one program.
    3. Find the k most frequent words from a file (or a stream of input) Solution : GeeksforGeeks Link
    Result : I was eliminated due to some basic mistakes I did (in Q3), which I just realized after leaving the Interview room. It was a nice experience. I would also like to share few more Questions those were asked to other candidates over there :
    1. Design Debugger (Asked to almost everyone in 2nd Round)
    2. Design Uber App
    3. Print all nodes at distance K from given node
    4. Connect nodes at same level
    5. Minimum number of jumps to reach end
    6. The Interviewers were very friendly and helpful. They will help you whenever you get stuck (with Hints), but they will also check how much grab you have on basics. Thank You!!!… Hope this will help the aspiring candidates.

      Last Updated : 11 Jul, 2019
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