Amazon Interview Experience | 214 (On-Campus)

Amazon visited our campus for recruitment. Here is my experience.

First there was an online round on hackerrank and consisted of 20 mcqs and two coding questions. Here are those two questions:

Ques 1: Given a singly linked list, write a function to put all the even numbers at the front and odd numbers at the end of ll while maintaining the order of numbers. In place solution was expected.

Ques 2: Given a sequence of moves for a robot, check if the sequence is circular or not. A sequence of moves is circular if first and last positions of robot are same. A move can be either R(Rotate right), L(Rotate left), G(Go one unit).

Round 1: There was some discussion on my intership project. Then I was asked the following coding questions:
Ques 1: Given an array, find a pair of elements which gives us the maximum sum.
Ques 2: Given an array of strings in sorted order, print all the same strings only once on the screen.
Ques 3: Given a binary search tree, find the kth smallest element int it.

Round 2:
Ques 1: Given an array, find the maximum length of subarray such that the average of that subarray is the maximum of all subarrays.
Ques 2: Given the data value field of a node, print all the nodes at distance k from that node in a binary tree.

Round 3:
Ques 1: Write a function which takes input as bank balance and returns a string equivalent of that integer/float.
Ques 2: What happens after we type some web address in a browser and hit enter.

Round 4:
Ques 1: Given an integer and a mapping of Roman numerals [I:1, V:5, X:10,L:50] write a function to convert any integer between 0 to 100 to Roman numerals. All the rules for conversion have to be followed.

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