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Amazon Interview Experience | 2020 On-Campus for SDE-1 FTE

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Round 1: It was a written test and this written test was cleared by 52 aspirants.

  1. Construct a custom stack, operations of the stack, push, pop, delete the middle (expected Time complexity: O(1) per operation)

I don’t remember actually, but possibly a good question

Round 2: Brief Intro of both interviewee and interviewer

Two Coding Questions were asked:

  1. Given a binary tree, if any node is affected on this tree with a virus, its adjacent nodes will also be affected the next day. Give a list of an affected node, how many days will the whole tree be affected. (Tree Node can be customized)
  2. An array with some numbers, return another array. The index i contains a number which is the multiplication of all except the current number, use of division and subtraction was prohibited.


{1,2 , 3, 4} -> {24, 12, 8, 6}

Round 3:

  1. Pick any one of your projects and detailed discussion over that project regarding concepts.
  2. OS Question like Process vs Threads, Thrashing, virtual Memory, Java Question like overloading vs over
  3. Coding: Time of meetings of different employees, find a 1-hour slot which is free in the day.


00:00 is written as 0
01:30 is written as 1.3
Meeting Time
<0 - 12>, <12- 14>, <4.5 - 11>
<13 - 15>, <15 - 17>, <18 - 24>
Ans would ne 17-18
If no 1 hr slot, return -1;

Round 4:

  1. Print a generic tree – reverse order bottom-up fashion.
  2. Friends of Friends Network, list the top 1000 watched movies list. Input is a network (e.g. FB networks with each node containing a watched movie list) – It is on you to decide input data structure to use for this problem

Given a reference node to you in that network, you need to return the top 1000 movies that have been watched by your friends and their friends.

Output the movie list with 1000 movies

**made mistake on time complexity: didn’t consider that we have to show only 1000 (constant factor – O(1)) 

Behavioral test based on Leadership Principles: 

  1. Tell a situation when you faced a bug and it took a lot of time to resolve and how did you handle that situation.

Round 4 was the final round and only 10 students gave it. I solved all the problems and hopefully optimally, but rejected after the fourth round 6/10 selected.


  • Every round starting: A brief introduction of interviewer and interviewee, so prepare one
  • Every Round Ending: They asked, “Anything you want to ask about Amazon?” So be prepared for the same.
  • Time and space complexity was asked for every question
  • Production-ready code is required
  • Not necessary to write to start writing from class and import, just required functions, assumptions (just ask before assumption) were allowed

Please mind my grammar and mistakes, good luck.

Last Updated : 02 Sep, 2020
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