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Amazon Interview Experience 2019 (SDE, DE, SE )

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  • Last Updated : 16 Oct, 2019
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Round 1: Online assessment consists of 2 sections(sectional cut-off exists, n0 negative marking)

Coding: 2 coding questions(one easy and one hard)

MCQs:20-25 mcqs on c/c++

Students who did 2 coding questions completely and who also did well in MCQs got selected for the Interview

Round 2: Technical round consists of 2-3 rounds

They came to hire for 3 different roles SDE,   DE(data engineer) and SE

TR1:45-60 minutes

  1. Projects and schema(you need to explain clearly about your projects and technologies you used. Latest Technologies might help you to grab their attention like ML)
  2. Simple queries on MongoDB(as it is on my resume)
  3. SQL Queries based on joins and Inner query(This part is little difficult you may get confused)
  4. Draw database schema of uber
  5. normalization and normal forms
  6. Try to normalize the given 2 tables to 3NF
  7. What is cloud computing and what are the advantages over a normal database
  8. oops and DBMS concepts(polymorphism, abstraction, savepoint, DML, DDL commands etc)
  9. Types of joins
  10. What is a distributed file system?
  11. lastly 2 simple coding questions(find the frequency of a number in a sorted array, implement binary search)


TR2: 30 minutes

  1. Project and schema
  2. SQL queries harder than the previous round. They test your idea and efficiency of retrieving data using joins and inner queries
  3. Simple DBMS concepts
  4. 2 simple coding questions(frequency of a number in an array, find the second largest number the given array)


 TR3:20-30 minutes

  1. This round is to test our problem-solving ability.
  2. find mid element of a Linked List
  3. find merging point of 2 linked lists
  4. print right view of a binary search tree
  5. Time complexity matters
  6. Based on your performance your role will be decided
  7. For Software Development Engineer(SDE) you need to have good problem-solving skills. Prepare LL, Trees, DP, Graphs.
  8. For Data Engineer(DE) role prepare SQL queries and Database concepts as well as cloud computing and big data basics. You get to work on AWS as a DE.
  9. TR rounds may moy be in the same order for everyone.


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