Amazon Interview Experience | 196 (On-Campus)

20 mcqs – OS, Apti, Puzzles, C, DSA

2 coding –
1. Merge intervals given in array

2. Variation of josephus problem with k=2

Interview Round 1:
A detailed discussion on my summer intern project . Questions testing the knowledge of N/W layer. I was asked to explain all the layers of TCP/IP model using the analogy of post office.

Program to find whether a BT is BST or not. (Handle duplicates as well).

Interview Round 2
1. Discussion of previous round interview questions.
2. Merge two BSTs(examine all cover cases)
3. Search in a rotated and sorted array.
4. Find maximum distance between two leaves in a BT.

Tips –
Only Hard work and Practice helps.Please be thorough with the OS,DBMS,N/W.
Luck plays its role too on interview day 🙂

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