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Amazon Interview Experience

  • Last Updated : 28 Apr, 2022

Round 1: It was an online assessment. I don’t remember the questions exactly but they were medium array questions.

Round 2(Technical Interview): Two coding questions were asked-

  • Given a file, a string, and an integer x. Let’s say the string is at position y. Then you have to print all the strings from the (y-x) position to the (y+x) position. The string can appear more than once in the file. Give a space-efficient approach for this. I was able to explain my approach. The interviewer was quite satisfied with the approach

Round 3(Technical Interview):

  • Return whether the number can be divided into any instances of 6, 9, and 20 or as a sum of all or some instances of all or any two. 
  • Find minimum element in O(1) time in the stack. Implement stack using linked list.

Round 4(Bar raiser): 

  • Firstly some managerial questions were asked and then one low-level design question was asked. The low-level design question was about the flight system.
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