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Amazon Interview Experience (On-Campus)

  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 12 Jan, 2022

Amazon visited our campus for FTE recruitment in Aug, 2019. 

Round 1(Online Screening Round): There were different sets of questions. Each set had two coding questions and mcqs based mostly on c/c++.  My coding questions were 1) and 2) finding the number of derangements. 

Round 2(F-2-F): Started straight away with ds algo stuff. First question: Second question was based on topological sort of a directed graph. I had to write code for both questions. Attention was given to code quality and edge cases. 

Round 3(F-2-F): Again, the focus was on ds algo. 

  • At first, was given a stream of transactions and the task was to find the kth most expensive transaction. A few approaches were discussed, and then I had to code up the best approach I could come up with. 
  • The second question was Had to code it up. The third question was a modification on finding the intersection between two linked lists. There were other small questions in between, specially pertaining to Priority Queue and its implementation. 

Round 4(F-2-F): Given a hierarchical structure, where a node calls another node for a service, and that node may call other node(s) for a service, find the longest time taken for two ‘leaves’ of this hierarchical structure to communicate with each other. This was just a modified version of finding the longest leaf to leaf path in a tree-like structure. 

Round 5(Bar Raiser): 

  • Discussion about CV.
  • Why I am sitting for coding profile, being from a non CS/IT background. 
  • Then, was asked to implement LRU Cache. Special notice was taken on the code. 
  • Then, was asked the trapping rain water problem, but do it with O(1) space and single pass. Had to code up the solution. 


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