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Amazon Interview Experience | 1 year Experienced for SDE-1

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 17 Sep, 2019

Location:- Hyderabad

Round 1:

Written Round-

1.Print binary tree vertically.

2.Given matrix of “#”, “&”, source “S”, destinations “D”, calculate minimum number of steps required to go from Source to Destination. Can only move in four directions(up, down, right, left)

Round 2:

F2F Interview

1.Given ‘N’ houses find number of ways to paint it with ‘K’ different color such that no two adjacent houses have same color.

2.Sliding Window Problem.Given array of N elements and integer ‘K’ find minimum and maximum in each window of length ‘K’.

Round 3

F2F Interview:-

1.Knight Tour Problem with infinite Grid and obstructions in the path .

Round 4


This is probably the most important round that decides whether you will be offered the job or not.(Solely on this round.)

This round was conducted by 10 year experience employee of Amazon.

Behavioral Questions

1.What did you learn from your current organization.

2.Situation where you get a higher Priority task.

3.What is the toughest challenge that you have faced ?

and some more based on Amazons principles.

1 coding question

Check whether the given tree is complete binary tree.

Round 5 :-

Hiring Manager Round

This was telephonic round.

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