Amazon Internship Interview Experience On-Campus

Recently Amazon visited our college for hiring 2 months summer interns.

Round 1: It was Online round on HackerEarth consisting of 20 technical questions and 2 Coding questions.

The Coding Questions were as follows:

  1. Shortest Path between two cells in a grid
  2. Length of smallest substring consisting of maximum Distinct characters. 

Technical Questions were also quite easy.

But there is Sectional cutoff in Amazon Shortlist.

Round 2:

After Online Round 40 students were selected for Interview. And there were only 2 technical Interviews.

In my First Interview Round Interviewer asked me followings:

  1. Tell Me about yourself.
  2. Then he gave me  coding questions.Given a Binary Search Tree (BST), modify it so that all greater values in the given BST are added to every node.   .I asked the interviewer that what about the Integer limits while adding. and this made a quite good impression on him.
  3. Reverse words in Given String.Example: Let the input string be “i like this program very much”. The function should change the string to “much very program this like i”.

    But the string is not stored in Normal Character Array. Here each character is a node in Linked List (including   space too).

  4. Then he asked me about LRU Cache. and asked about How it is Implemented. i was not able to answer quite correctly but somehow i came up with Linked List approach.

    This round lasted about 45 minutes.I was asked to write code on Paper. The Interviewer was quite helpful.

Round 3: Guys who did good in 1st interview were called for 2nd interview.

The interviewer asked me what questions i was asked in 1st round.

  1. Given a Binary Tree check whether it is sum tree or Not
  2. Then he asked to design a Data Structure for KeyBoard. Given the layout  of keyboard implement it. I initially gave him matrix based solution but he told me to think better then i gave him graph based solution.
  3. Then He asked me about my project. Donot write any fake project only do write your project on Resume if you have done it and you know the basics related to project very well.

And this Interview also lasted about 40 Minutes. And Finally 15 students were Selected and Luckily I was One of        them 🙂

last thing i would like to say is Be Confident.

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