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Amazon Internship Interview Experience

  • Last Updated : 29 Aug, 2019

I am from IIT Kharagpur. Last week Amazon came to select for the 2-month summer Internship program. At first, there was an online test to shortlist candidates for interviews. The test contained 5-7 debugging questions, 30 aptitude questions, and 2 coding questions.
Two coding questions:

  1. Given an array and a number. We have to find the maximum sum of two numbers from an array which is less than the given number.

They selected 120 students for interviews.

In my interview 2 questions were asked to code with pen paper:

  1. Given 2 N-ary trees, check if they are mirror of each other or not.
  2. Given 2-D array of characters, check the given words are there in the array or not. (crossword type.)

I did 1st one correct and for the second one I could not complete it but the interviewer was convinced with the approach. I got selected for the summer internship at Amazon.
I would like to thank Geeksforgeeks. As during my preparation, I always found it easy to surf it. The collection of must-do coding questions is very good and helps you build confidence.

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