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Amazon DynamoDB – Security and Compliance

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This article intends to make you all aware of the security and compliance aspects of Amazon DynamoDB. Amazon DynamoDB is another database service by AWS cloud platform, managed by NoSQL. It provides its users immense scalability and faster performance when it comes to the transaction of data. This is done by automatically dividing the request traffic among a suitable number of servers. On-demand backups are also available in DynamoDB. It enables us to encrypt the database, whenever we want to. Thus, for confidential domains, it is very efficient.  

Advantages of DynamoDB:

  • Excellent Performance
  • Highly Scalable
  • Setting up is easy
  • Best for unstructured DB
  • Maintenance

Disadvantages of DynamoDB :

  • Doesn’t supports triggers and joins
  • No regional backup property
  • Lack of relational operations
  • Expensive

Let us see the Amazon DynamoDB Console.

Step 1: First of all, login into your AWS account. After that, on the left click on the “Services” heading. A bunch of options will be visible in a while, among those choices, DynamoDB. Take reference from the screenshot attached ahead.

Step 2: In a while, you will be redirected to the Amazon DynamoDB console. Refer to the screenshot for avoiding any confusion.

In this way, you can easily access Amazon DynamoDB and avail all its services as per your requirements. 

Amazon DynamoDB – Security and Compliance 

We all are very much aware of the term “Compliance”. Compliance can also be called another term for reinforcement learning, as in that too, the model learns from its feedbacks. AWS also follows a similar mechanism in order to enhance the current set of services available for the users of AWS all over the world. Not only the plain feedbacks are included as new services but also third-party auditors evaluate the necessity as well as the quality of the service before launching it.

Security is one of the major reasons, why people are opting for AWS for all their database services rather than using traditional relational databases. There are multiple ways used to fulfill the need of security in AWS, different channels or mediums are considered while ensuring maximum attainable security. Worldwide organizations like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, etc, prefer AWS cloud platform for their needs, due to our security policies. Furthermore, the security realm is divided into two distinct sections, with a common aim of protecting AWS user’s data. 

  1. Security of AWS Cloud Platform 
  2. Security of your account

Security of the whole platform includes all the security-related practices which are not in the user’s hands. These practices are constant for everyone who uses the AWS cloud platform, no one gets an upper hand in this. The maintenance also lies in the hands of the service providers. 

Whereas the security of our account fully lies on your hands. If you are a root user then all the power is in your hand. You have complete control and ownership of that particular account. But if you are an IAM user, then you have limited access to what is offered to a root account holder. You can as many as possible clauses to ensure the complete security of your account and data.

For a more detailed description of security and compliance on AWS follow this article.

Last Updated : 27 Mar, 2023
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