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Amazon Data Engineer Internship interview experience

Last Updated : 29 Jun, 2019
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Round 1: Online round on HackerEarth

Most Amazon internships have an online round where generally 20 MCQs and 2 coding questions are asked for 90min. This time it was quite different. There were 65 MCQs related to SQL, DBMS, BigData, Hadoop, Java, Python, Aptitude, OS.

Some questions had negative marking, some didn’t. Negative marks also varied for different questions.

In this round, most sql questions were on joins. BigData and Hadoop questions were very basic(if someone anytime studied bigdata). OS questions were theory based.

Round 2: Technical Round Face to Face (~40 minutes.)

My interviewer was a chill person. The first question he asked me was ‘Please tell me something which is not there in your resume?’. I did that. Please make sure you know everything about yourself :p .

We discussed about our projects and then he asked two questions.

Question 1: Coding. Given a file which has different numbers in each line. Read the file and if a number is divisible by 5 print(‘a’). if it’s divisible by 3 print(‘b’). if it’s divisible by 15 print(‘c’);

It was easy. I used python and wrote the code.

Question 2: He gave me three tables and asked to write an sql query to get some data out of the tables. I had to use joins to get the data.

Round 3: Technical + HR Face to Face (~50  minutes.)

He asked about my internships and projects in detail. He then asked me to write some sql queries.

Question 1: He gave me three parts in question 1 and difficulty level increased in each question. But still, there were basic questions.

He helped in the 3rd question a bit.

Question 2: Travelling salesman problem. He asked to code. I did it.

Question 3: Get the same output as question 1 using Python.

Using python libraries is allowed. I did it using pandas. (We can consider tables as csv files).

This was my interview experience. It was chill. I got selected too :p .

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