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Amadeus Software labs Virtual Interview experience | On Campus 2020

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 01 Oct, 2020

Amadeus IT Group is one of the top 10 travel technology companies in the world and it has its second-largest R&D center in Bangalore. Amadeus visited our campus (PES University) on 22nd September 2020 for the following job profiles:

  1. Software Development Engineer
  2. Quality Assurance Engineer

Round 1: It was an online proctored test conducted on hacker earth platform. There were a total of 57 questions to be done in 120 minutes. 55 questions were MCQ based and mainly focusing on basic aptitude, verbal reasoning, and technical questions from data structures, algorithms, and some output questions based on java, C. It also had 2 coding questions which were as follows :

  2. Rearranging arrays. Given an array of even lengths, find out whether the array could be rearranged in such a way that the left half and right half of the array are the same.

    Eg: arr[ ] = {5,5,7,7} then output : YES

    Eg: arr[ ] = {1,2,3,4} then output : NO

Around 300 students had taken the test out of which 113 were shortlisted for the next round.

Round 2: It was again an online test of 1 hour on the SHL platform. It had two sections, first was a numerical ability which had questions mostly on Data interpretation (Tables, Bar graphs, and Pie charts). Calculators were allowed however you had to be extremely fast in your calculations as the timing constraints were very strict and you could not go back to the previous question. The second section was verbal reasoning which was mostly reading comprehension based. 23 students were shortlisted after this round for the final interviews. Since I was also preparing for CAT at the same time, I had a decent practice in aptitude and DI and was able to clear this round 🙂 

Round 3 (Technical + HR interview): This round was also conducted on HackerEarth platform. The interview started off with a “Tell me something about yourself”. After that, he asked me about dynamic memory allocation, differences between the hash table, and a hash map. Then he chose one of my projects which was an e-commerce shopping website and asked me to implement a cart using a data structure such that each user would be able to add items to the cart, retrieve items and search for items in the most efficient way. I gave him a hashing based solution wherein I used unordered_map< int, vector<string>> to implement it. The key would correspond to the unique id associated with each person and a vector of strings would contain the items that the person adds to the cart. The interviewer was satisfied with my solution. Then he asked me about its space and time complexity. After that, he moved on to one of my ML projects and asked me about the various algorithms and libraries I used. This round was immediately followed by an HR round where I was asked about the general HR questions, my experience in the college over the past 3 years, situations where I exhibited leadership roles and values, the challenges I faced, and finally the preference for the job profiles if I had any. Since I am from a non-cs background I told him that I am open to any of these roles as long as I get to learn new things every day. 🙂 He seemed to be quite satisfied with my answers and wished me good luck. 🙂

Finally, the results were announced after a day, and I was selected for the Quality Assurance profile ( FT+intern ) 😀

Tips: Be confident in whatever you say, accept your mistakes, and build an honest resume.

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